December 15, 2017


Old Fourth Ward is a historically diverse community located east of downtown Atlanta, west of Poncey-Highland and Inman Park neighborhoods, and south of the Midtown neighborhood. The neighborhood was the original home of Morris Brown College and Clark College and later Clark Atlanta University. It is a smaller version of the historic Fourth Ward political area in place until the 1950s when the city changed to a district system.

Old Fourth Ward MapFrom City of Atlanta’s Bureau of Planning Fact Sheet:

The Old Fourth Ward: Past Present & Future

The Old Fourth Ward used to be one of the densest residential neighborhoods in Atlanta, with a population of over 22,000 in 1960.
Between 1960 and 1980, the population dropped dramatically to just over 6,000, largely due to urban renewal activities and the clearance of
residential properties for other uses. Bureau of Planning population estimates anticipate the population to rise sharply over the coming years, eventually surpassing the 1960 levels by 2025; however recent development activity suggests that growth may occur even more rapidly.

What will the Old Fourth Ward look like with four times as many residents? Where will they live? Where will people shop and eat? Where will people work? How will people get around? This is your chance to help decide how those questions should be answered.

Coordination with the Beltline

This study will complement a concurrent study led by Atlanta Beltline, Inc. The BeltLine Sub-Area study, expected to last through fall and winter 2007, is going to look at how the BeltLine will integrate with the neighborhood’s transportation infrastructure, land-use and open space.
The Old Fourth Ward Master-Plan team will take a wider view of the neighborhood as a whole, though the Old Fourth Ward Master Plan team will work closely with BeltLine planners and stakeholders to ensure that the plans are consistent and complementary. For more information on the BeltLine visit

Opportunities and Development

Across the Old Fourth Ward, dozens of major redevelopment initiatives are currently underway or on the horizon, individually and collectively, these initiatives have the potential to transform the neighborhood. This why there is now an urgency for the community a clear and visionary unifying master plan, to guide these opportunities to create a truly Great Neighborhood.
Recent projects such as the Glen Iris Lofts, Tribute and the revitalization of city Hall East are indicative of increased interest in the neighborhood. Planned projects such as the redevelopment of the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center, the Atlanta BeltLine, and proposed Fourth Ward Park are suggestive of the neighborhood’s future.

At the same time, the Old Fourth Ward is blessed with a solid base of historic buildings, established neighborhoods, transportation infrastructure, and civic institutions that can act as a framework to manage new growth. The Martin Luther King Junior Center for Nonviolent Change, the neighborhood’s historic homes, the Auburn and Edgewood Street historic districts, and the neighborhood’s proximity to the Downtown and Midtown Business Districts can form the foundation of a new vision for the neighborhood.

How to Participate:

Do you have a stake in the future of the Old Fourth Ward? If you live, work, or play in the Old Fourth Ward, we need your help. Only with the full support of the community can we create a plan that truly represents the neighborhood.

Planning activities and public participation should commence in September or 2007 and last through the spring of 2008.

Send email to, or call the Bureau of Planning at (404)330-6145 for more information.

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